💔 Your heart is broken and nobody understands what you are going through

💔 You may need to be strong for other's or in your career

💔 You might be getting a lot of unsolicited and unhelpful grief advice that may even be harmful

💔 You may be facing the biggest emotions you have ever experienced

💔 You are lost, confused, anxious and overwhelmed (plus a lot more..) and you don't know what's next

👉 These Grief to Love "Grief Relief Affirmation Cards" combine a lot of what I have learned in over a decade of working with grieving women like you. It is vastly different to grief counselling. 

Download these now. They will guide you, prepare you and find some trust in yourself again. .

I do not want you to get stuck in the most painful parts of grief...

Grief is hard enough as it is.

About Silke

I am sorry that you are here. Because I know what that means...

Nobody can become a grief specialist simply by studying grief. Nobody really gets it until it happens to them. And as the Grief Specialist I do know what grief feels like.

Why grief?

When I work with bereaved women their relief is palpable.

I could have picked lots of things to specialise in. But being able to help a grieving woman feel a little less lost, a lit less overwhelmed and a little less exhausted is what makes me smile. To help someone who is in so much pain to breath a little easier, find a sense of relief about all the guilt and remorse, feel more connected to her loved one and have more and better memories is why I specialised in working with bereaved women.

Over a decade later I have helped thousands of women develop what they need to carry their grief. For me it is not about getting rid of grief it is about clearing the decks from all the other stuff, the guilt, remorse, anger, anguish, overwhelm, anxiety, etc so you can actually start to be with your grief and slowly start to feel closer to your loved one. So that you can keep everything that is so dear to you without the risk of losing even more or forgetting your loved one. It is important to understand that grieving needs to be a subconscious process. Which is why most traditional grief counselling doesn't work.

Your heart is broken, not your head...

In traditional grief work there is too much logical thinking involved. It'w when someone lovingly and kindly tells you and on the outside you are nodding and saying "oh yeah, I'll try that" and on the inside that voice screams "heck no!"....? That is your subconscious...

And logically you totally get it all. You understand what happened and why you feel the way you do. Yet all that understanding doesn't change anything for you.

You need to avoid all the, at best unhelpful, and at worst harmful grief advice that is certainly out there.

What you need is a clear roadmap to let you know what to expect. So that you can prepare.

There is hope.

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